Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grilled Cheese +

We are on a snow day... again :) This is FINE for me because the college class I teach was cancelled and I work from home the rest of the time so I don't have to get out. Plus my crazy family is here with me so it is like a weekend. But weekends mean more meals. I tried a cottage cheese pancake for breakfast (try being the operative word here- it can be perfected I am sure, but this recipe was not quite perfect... I will share when I feel it is ready- all in all, I will make them again but with a few changes). Lunch called for warm and cozy so we had tomato soup and grilled cheese. The tomato soup was a leftover makeover to be posted next week but the grilled cheese is an old stand-by. I wanted a step up from the old american cheese on sliced bread model, not that there is anything wrong with that version. We didn't have any american cheese, or cheddar even, but I had provolone (and whole wheat bread). That makes for a pretty bland combo so to jazz it up a bit, I dipped the sandwiches in egg and then parmesan and grilled. The sandwiches look and taste a bit more special when prepared this way. I have done it before and the "best" grilled cheese is a combo of a few cheeses (cheddar, american, swiss, etc) stuffed into a hunk of french bread that has a deep slit cut into it, rolled in the egg and parm mixture and grilled under a heavy pan to smash it down a bit. How can you go wrong  with cheese? Or bread for that matter??


  1. feed me anytime JJ...I love, love, love your cooking :)

  2. I see grilled pimento cheese sandwiches on menus down here quite often.

  3. ang i will have to try that!