Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And off we go......

Let me preface any posting with my disclaimer:
I am a terrible recipe poster!! I tend to cook by feel and taste and so I never measure (incidentally i am not a great baker) plus I switch things up... alot. I rarely make a dish the same exact way, mostly because I am against going to the store for very specific things while the food i have at home goes to waste. I have learned to cook around key ingredients that need to be used and I have also been known to add random purees of healthy stuff to a dish to bump up the nutrient punch. Disclaimer over. I am what I am and the next food network star will probably not be me :)
BUT part of my reason for starting this blog in particular is to get better at putting my culinary creations on paper. I think I can ~~I think I can~~

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  1. How I know this will be good for me---> Just a got a call to submit a recipe for a school cookbook as an alumnus and have no idea what to send because I don't have any of my own creations written down!