Saturday, February 12, 2011

Local Haunt #1

I like all kinds of foods- simple, complicated, cheap and expensive :) When we travel, our very favorite way to experience the culture of a region is to eat out at great resident favorites and try local dishes. At home, we still like to eat out. Living right outside of a major metropolitan area, we have all kinds of things to choose from but sometimes we just don't want to commute into the city. Our tiny little town has some wonderful little local places that we frequent and last night we popped into Pogolino's and got one of our usuals. All their pizzas are wonderful- they have a nice thin but not too crispy crust and they use real cheese, not the st. louis quintessential topping 'provel' (which i surely appreciate when i am in the mood) and for traditional pizzas a sweet and thick sauce that is the perfect bed for toppings. Get the clown special if you are in the mood for straight pizza- pepperoni, sausage, onion and green pepper. They also have GREAT hot wings. They are meaty and and slightly crispy, not too spicy, and fully sauced but not dripping. Last night we combined the two and got a buffalo chicken pizza and it did not disappoint. The two favorites are combined in heaven on a plate (and if you consumed it regularly, you just might hasten your departure)! Don't be turned away if you are a vegetarian or low fat eater either- they have some really great salads and pastas too. A personal favorite is their house salad, a combination of lettuce, pimentos, red onions and artichoke hearts with the house dressing (a creamy italian with lots of parmesan and a distinct kick).  Sometimes you are just too tired to cook and great local options offer tasty solutions.

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