Sunday, February 20, 2011

Local Haunt #2- When Past Experiences Don't Seem To Matter

On Friday we visited one of our favorite local restaurants La Pachanga- it was 7 PM so we waited about 10 minutes to sit, which was not problem. We eat out reasonably often and I feel we have an accurate expectation of how long the entire process whould take. In the past, La Pachanga has been right on top of things. Plus the food is outstanding! So anyway- we were seated and then it took about 10 minutes for the waitress to get our drink order and another 5 to get the drinks (one was wrong but we let it go) and take the food order. We went through an entire basket of chips during this time. So then the waiting really began- we waited over 30 minutes (and two baskets of chips) for our entrees to come. My kids are good "out in public" kids- if there are people to look at and things to eat, they are quiet and possibly even charming to those around us. The two  year old behind us that cried for the entire time and then flipped out ofher chair onto her face was not one of these good out in public kids..... I am ALL for taking your kids out to dinner (especially in noisy restaurants) but there is a time to remove them and this little girl was well beyond her time. So anyway- nerves were running high and as we had sat there FOREVER my tiny one about hit her limit- 8 came and went (usual time to get her ready for bed and then nurse to sleep) and so did her perspective. As soon as dinner came, I had to take her to the car so she could nurse in the quiet, calm down and go to sleep. My dinner sat untouched on the table- I ate it out of it's styrofoam container at home at about 9:30. It was delicious but the terrible service certainly eclipsed the experience. It is a sad thing when the usuals are not what we expect- oh, and they overcharged us. Overall a big disappointment

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