Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today is one of those days where i KNOW i should be doing kitcheny things like freezing the carton of almost unusable strawberries that i bought cheap, cleaning and cutting some veggies for the week or cooking a chicken or something but i just. don't. want. to. usaually i am all about filling my down time with cooking but this last week has been different. my husband is never home before 7 anymore because we have hit baseball season, so when i make an exciting meal- he gets it reheated. my son has recently started to have good and bad eating days- blah! he was always such a good eater. so really, it is not that exciting or cost-effective to make a big meal so that i can eat it alone (not counting the baby who is screaming at you if you can't get the spoon in her mouth fast enough). looks like it might be a frozen pizza night- what a shame for a sunday

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  1. thank goodness for st. patrick! because of him, i had leftover corned beef- i made sure to roast some carrots and onions along with it, which we did not use for the meal, but that added to potatoes (cubed/also leftover from those i boiled for garlic smashed tators) makes for a YUMMY hash- served with over easy eggs and toast. sure beats frozen pizza! and took about as much effort